BirdSimply designs luxury birdwatching experiences in Argentina.
We specialize in connecting travelers and bird lovers to native birds in several inspiring destinations. Our journeys are tailor-made, luxurious and authentic. Every itinerary we design speaks to the traveler’s interests and tells a unique story of the region.

Don Moconá Vigin Eco Lodge




Paraná Birding


Estancia El Candado


Finca Lesser


Finca Villa Aurelia


Puerto Bemberg


Eco-portal de Piedra


San Pedro - Misiones


Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge


Our luxury birdwatching travel company is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a highly qualified team of destination specialists who are truly committed to creating bespoke encounters throughout the country, Including northern Argentina and the Patagonian region.

It all started with the idea of connecting luxury travel services to bird lovers that expect one-of-a-kind, conscious travel experiences. BirdSimply is a way of travel that demonstrates the original beauty of our country, that allows travelers to participate in local activities, that strengthens the relationships between people and native birds. We offer much more than luxury and comfort. We create rewarding memories and inspire people to reconnect with nature, culture, and themselves.


The really owners of the story. Re~empower Lodges & guides, willing to develop their regions.  That is why, we’ve created Bird Simply, to prove the power of collaborative working, setting Argentina on a higher level, dividing promotional costs, combining destinations & giving a better service… The region success, it’s gonna be the real victory. That will lead into more money invested in fish protection and habitat preservation.


Actualy we are focused on developing destinations that still do not offer bird sightings in the North of Argentina.
Soon we will add the destinations that already belong to Fish Simply and then incorporate destinations in the center of the country, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.


Because someone has to convert complaint into action. Better if we are a lot, all together. We saw in person habitat and species degradation and a very light or Marketing efforts to attract more birders to this side of the world.



Preservation & ColLABoration


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